Author: John Smith

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05 Jul TITTA FASCIOTTI (1927 – 1993)

The Passionate Artist   I had only been going to Johan Oldert for art lessons for a short while when one evening there was a sudden commotion outside and a minute later a shortish, stocky man strode in. This was Titta Fasciotti, artist. He had the darkest,...

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05 Jul OTTO KLAR (1908 -1994)

Bridging the Gap   Gerrit van Niekerk was one of the most creative and controlled gallerists I have ever met. (In fact if ever we decide to do a series of articles on gallery-owners and dealers, he would be my first choice) Nothing ever ruffled Gerrit’s slinky...

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23 Mar JOHAN OLDERT (1912-1984)

The Charmer   Johan Oldert was my teacher and I owe him so very much.   In the latter part of the 1960’s I decided I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to make it my chosen career. It was my all absorbing passion.   My dad did not like...